Dr. Bishnu Hari Nepal
Former Ambassador of Nepal to Japan, S. Korea, New Zealand, Fiji and Australia.
About Me

Former Ambassador of Nepal to Japan, S. Korea, New Zealand, Fiji and Australia. Ex-Member of the Foreign Policy Draft Sub-committee in the International Relations and Human  Rights Committee of Legislative Parliament of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, and Consultant to Peace, Conflict, International Relations and Development Studies.

A. General Background:

Sex:  Male
Date of Birth: 9 January 1955
Place of Birth: Pawati-3, Dolakha, Nepal.
Permanent Residence:  ‘Bipra Home’, Devi Galli 70, New Plaza Corner, Kathmandu-1, Nepal. Mailing Address: GPO Box 7013, Kathmandu, Nepal
Current Residence: 309/44 Nayaa Basti Maarg, Baaluwaataar, Kathmandu-4, Nepal
Tel/Fax: 00 977 1 44 16 252 ® Cell: 00 977 9841 733 715
E-mail Address: bhnfsr@gmail.com
Citizenship: Nepalese By Birth / No.1060 / 77695
Height: 172cm
Weight: 72kg
Color of the Skin: Olive
Color of the Eyes: Black
Marital Status: Married [Wife: Mrs. Prajna Nepal (b 1958). Daughters: Dr. Rukma Nepal (b1980) and Dr. Sabya Nepal (b1982) and son Dr. Kovid Nepal (b1986)].

B. Educational Background:

  1. Ph. D . in Political Science:  (title of the thesis: UN Peacekeeping in post-Cold War Era: Third World Perspectives): 1998-2003, Banaras Hindu Univ., India.
  2. Masters Degree in Political Science: 1976-1979, Tribhuvan Univ., Kathmandu, Nepal, won three Gold Medals in International Relations/ Comparative Politics being First Class First. (Thesis: An Analytical Study of President Jimmy Carter's Human Rights Policy)
  3. Study of Betriebswirtschaftslehre (MBA): 1991-1995, Bern University, Switzerland
  4. Bachelor of Arts (major subjects- Economics and Pol. Science): 1974-1976, T.U., Nepal
  5. Bachelor of Ag. Science Education: 1973-1975, Sano Thimi Campus, T.U., Nepal
  6. Intermediate of Science: 1971-1973, Amrit Science College, T.U., Nepal
  7. School Leaving Certificate: 1958-1970, Tribhuvan High School, Dolakha, Nepal: Gov. Board

C. Trainings:

During 1975-1996, while in government  service,  had more  than a dozen trainings in different fields like: Teaching Practices, Education, Management, Public Relations, Liaison Officers, Marketing, Development Administration, Environment/Heritage Conservation, Development Planning,  Time  Management  etc.  including from Switzerland  (Freiburg  University  &  Bern University 1991-1995),  Japan (JICA-1984), Macao (PATA  Heritage Conservation Training Workshop: 1986), and from ILO, PATA, NTA etc.

D. Working Experiences:

1.1970-1996: Involved  in Administration,  Management  and Diplomacy:  Starting  as  a  High School Teacher in 1970, worked  as a civilian teacher (1973-80) to the Gurkhas in the then Royal Nepalese Army under the Ministry of Defense. During 1970’s, took several classes to the college level students. Also gave several Talk Programs in many Universities as Visiting Professor, as an expert or as a dignitary (e.g. as an expert at Saitama University, Japan in 1984 and in UNU during Global Infrastructure  Conference  October  30- November 2, 1995) –1986: prepared  National Conservation Strategy (NCS)  Background Paper Nepal for IUCN; 1995-1996, was Ambassador of Nepal to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and South Korea. Thus, 1973-1996, worked in the Government of Nepal. During these years, while in government  and outside, practiced: administration,  diplomacy,  negotiations,  agreements,  interactions,  peaceful-settlement-of disputes,  mediations,  interpersonal  communication,  institutional and  national-representations, organizational set-ups, Environment  Conservation, planning, monitoring and evaluation and had extensive experiences working in the inter-cultural environment  and developed leadership qualities by heading the departments in different ministries like Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation; Foreign Affairs, General Administration and different missions at home and abroad.

2.1996-Present: Freelance Visiting Professor of Political Science, Involved with NGO-INGO, Writer, and Deliver Lectures on UN, Foreign Policy, Contemporary Studies, Diplomacy  and Political Economy: Inventor of the theory suitable to Pol. Science, Economics, Anthropology and Sociology named ‘Reaching the Unreachable Model’

UN Peacemaking, Peacekeeping  and Peace Building, Contemporary Studies, Political Economy, Diplomacy, Current Affairs, Regionalism, International Relations, International Politics, etc. are major areas of all lectures, interviews and writings – significantly, developed the theory named “Reaching the Unreachable Model” -also known as ‘PCDRS Model in the Contemporary Politics’  in International  Relations  in 2003 -conducted  the five-year-long  research  on UN Peacekeeping, focusing on post-Cold War Era - in the Third World perspectives during 1998- 2003 in B.H.U., India;   -hold key positions in more  than a dozen NGOs/INGO and Research Organizations  and  Institutes  like Country Director  of South  Asia  Policy  Analysis  Network- SAPANA/SAFMA, a SAARC  apex body; during 2007- 2009, worked as Chairman (VC level) of Dr. Dilli  Raman Regmi Foundation, Government of Nepal and established the reputed National and International Regmi Peace Awards, in the Ministry of Education.  And wrote ‘Foreword’ to 14 books so far.

3. Development Contribution,  Languages,  Consultancy,  Research  and Regional  Vision  and inventor of SA-RRR-S and NIBB-CAP WM Models:

As  Ambassador,  brought post-1990  (democratic)  period Nepal’s  largest  projects  like  Kali Gandaki-A  Hydro-power  Gen. Project  (144.00MW), Sindhuli  Road (158.00KM), Tribhuvan International Airport Radar Installation(the very first radar in Nepal), Kulekhani Disaster Prevention Project –II, (32.00MW) and  Bagmati Bridge adjoining the historic cities of Kathmandu  and Patan. I have been a writer from my childhood. Out of 12 books, the first one, written under the age of twelve, entitled “At the Age of Twelve”, has been published in 2002. Hundreds of articles and interviews are published, and broadcasted, at home  and abroad. The writing languages are four: English, Nepali, Hindi and German but possess the knowledge of 5 more South Asian  regional  languages  making  9 in total.  Currently,  working as consultant   to SAPANA  -South Asian Policy Analysis Network-    the first South Asian Writers and Scholars’ Think Tank headquartered in Lahore, for developing South Asian Regional level development policies   -worked also  as  consultant  to Social  Welfare  Council SWC -Nepal,  IUCN -Nepal, PATA, SATA, CAN-UK, Refugee Department (Switzerland), ADB (Philpp.), Sathi Foundation (Japan), AIEOU Circle  (Japan), World Tourism  Organization  (WTO), Madrid,  Centre for the Study of Nepal (Varanasi, India), Malaviya Centre for Peace Research (Varanasi,India), SAFMA- Pakistan, IDSA -New Delhi, India etc.

Developed “SA-RRR-S Model” for the South Asian Regional Riparian Rights Statutes for resolving  Water Conflicts  in South Asia.  Also  gave birth to a project  vision  of “ NIBB-CAP Water  Management: 21st   Century Multi-purpose  Project”  for joining two fastest  growing economies of the world by navigation -countries involving Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Afghanistan  and Pakistan  through the Ganges and other concerned rivers.  As  per this visionary project, all countries of the region can manage  their precious water potential extensively and Nepal and Bhutan will have no more a landlocked countries status practically.

4. Representation and Negotiation Skills, Academic and Diplomatic Exposure and Invention of the Economic Diplomacy Development Project Model:

Led  innumerable  delegations  while  in  government   and  outside:  nationally in  Nepal  and internationally in many countries of Europe and Asia -extensively in South Asia; written papers; framed policies for varieties of institutions; chaired plenty of conferences; been Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and Keynote Speaker frequently at home and abroad; worked  as discussant and commentator  on different  key events in wide range of fields  in the capacity  of UN Expert, Government  Employee,  Former  Ambassador,  Social  Worker,  Foreign  Policy  Expert, Senior Political Scientist, Management Expert and Development Studies Research Consultant. Recently, developed  a widely acclaimed  Economic  Diplomacy  Development  Model for the present day Nepal and many Developing Countries. It is known  as “4T-H Model” for Nepal and Developing Countries’ ambitious Development Plans focusing on Trade, Tourism, Transportation, Transfer of Technology and Hydro-power/  energy generation.

E. Political Career:

Firmly Stood  as activist for Democratic Movements in Nepal and the world since 1967.

F. Honours:

 Won Five Gold Medals for the excellence of performances including the research on International Relations/Contemporary Studies -was declared ‘Man of the Year 2003’ by the research  journal  ‘International  Forum’  of Nepal  -the 'Civil  Forum Nepal  had awarded  the ‘National Civil Golden Award 2006’ in January 2006 for the exemplary work on ‘Foreign Policy, Economic Diplomacy and Social Work’.

G. Hobby:

Compose Poetry, Play Chess, Love Nature and Trek to the High Mountains.

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